Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a certain fitness level?

Our classes are open to any and ALL fitness levels. During each class, instructors will be offering modifications to either give your workout that extra push or to take it down a notch if your knees, back, etc aren't feeling it! All in all we are here to insure you have the BEST workout possible regardless of level!

Do I have to have my camera on? Will people look at me?

For our classes, we require cameras ON. Don't be alarmed however. Videos will be requested to be turned on by the trainers to observe & correct form. They are also used for attendance purposes. All instructors are placed on "Spotlight Mode" on Zoom so althought it is a legitamite concern, most people are so focused on the workout, they do not have time to look at others! All participants are required to sign a form that says they are not allowed to video tape or take pictures of others during the class, otherwise they will be removed from the program!

Do I have to dress a certain way?

Anissa Women's Fitness caters to ALL women! With that being said, you are able to dress however you are comfortable! Women remove their scarves, some workout in pants and long sleeve tops, some work out in shorts and sports bras. It is all up to you and whatever you are comfortable with!

What's the catch? Do I really get all my money back?

There is absolutley NO catch. We are building a fitness community and genuinely want to focus on building an environment that nurtures, supports, and allows women to reach their fitness goals! If you complete the 15 workouts, you WILL get your full refund! It's THAT simple!