Meet The Trainers:

Each one of our personal trainers is unique in their teaching style, but they're all driven by a genuine desire to help push our clients be the best version of themselves everyday!


Aida Ibrahim

Leg Pump Instructor

Aida has hopped from gym to gym, trained with accredited professionals, and led her friends and colleagues through tough sweat sessions for the past 5 years. Her goal is for her clients to achieve strength gains, desired aesthetics, and improved mobility from the convenience of their tech devices! 


Jessica Moore

Leg & Upper Body Blast Instructor

Jessica is from Atlanta, GA and has always had a passion for helping people. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in Health and Physical education then went on to obtain her master’s from Ohio State University.


Nicole Gordon

Strength & Conditioning Instructor , Zumba Instructor, Personal Trainer

Nicole has been working professionally in the fitness industry for over 5 years! Her goal is to work in an environment where she can challenge as many groups and individuals to become the best possible version of themselves!


Asmaa Badr

Founder, CEO


Latha Sreekumar

Yoga Instructor

Latha has been a certified Yoga instructor since 2015 and since has been focused on leading classes that promote balance of the body and mind. She is beyond dedicated to insuring everyone is comfortable and stretching properly after a long day of work or school!


Breanna Pereira

Bootcamp Instructor, Personal Trainer

Breanna has a huge passion for not only fitness, but insuring all her clients are able to feel a huge sense of community and comfort even through a screen! For the past 3 years, Breanna has been dedicated to pushing all her clients to be the best version of themselves and to reach their fitness goals! 


Mariam Alaa

Marketing Intern