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If you want to learn more about our clients’ past experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved check, out some of their testimonials below!

  • Rida

    "Didn’t realize how much I needed a community like AWF! It’s incredible how much power there is when it’s all women"

  • Nadah & Yarah

    "After a minor injury over the summer, I wasn’t able to work out for a few months and I knew I would need a way to ease myself back into workouts with the same intensity and frequency that I was used to before. Joining Anissa Women’s Fitness (AWF) gave me that opportunity with the numerous different types of workouts that they offered and instructors that were so supportive of people from various skill levels. Oh, and being able to work-out with a fantastic group of women and being comfortable with wearing whatever I want is a huge plus 😉 " - Nadah

    "The one thing that I miss most from pre-covid is going to the gym. I had the mentality that if I can’t go to the weight room, then I might as well not workout at all. Joining AWF definitely changed my mindset because I enjoyed doing the classes with my friends, plus the monthly challenge helped me get back into routine and become consistent with working out. Although I do miss the squat rack, Aida’s leg pump class was right up my alley and is by far my favorite class 🙂" - Yarah

  • Ayah

    "AWF has been what I needed to finally get in shape in and out of quarantine! All the instructors are so kind and encouraging, I can't imagine completing the workouts without their encouragement. AWF is the perfect balance between accountability and having the flexibility to work out when it works for my schedule. The classes and working out with a supportive group of women have definitely become the highlight of my day!"

  • Maryam

    "When quarantine first started, I realized that if I didn't achieve my dreams and goals now, that I would never again be in such a distraction-free environment. I've always aspired to be a certain level of fit, but I struggled to keep my promises. My new year's resolutions always faded a couple days in, and I would go back to scrolling through instagram wishing I had the motivation of the people on my feed (but not the bodies! that part gets toxic real quick).

    Anissa Women's Fitness has brought out that part of me that continues. The part that keeps pushing even when the initial excitement is gone, even when it's hot or I'm tired, or I ate too much before class. I just know I have to show up. I know that my body is counting on me. I know that if god blesses me with a longer life, what I invest in my body today, it will give me so much more when I'm older. And we all want to be able to look back and say "look what I used to be able to do!"

  • Ragda & Iman

    "I’ve been working out with Anissa Women’s Fitness ever since it launched and it’s given me more motivation to workout. I love the instructors and have definitely been seeing a difference in my fitness level. Ever since quarantine started, I’ve been trying to find the motivation to be more active and Anissa Fitness has given me that motivation! Knowing people in the zoom classes has also been a huge plus bc it’s just like I’m working out with my friends!" - Iman

    "I’ve never exercised like this before and it’s been a very life changing experience. So grateful for Anissa women’s fitness & their team! Setting aside an hour of my day everyday to focus on my workout has made me feel so much stronger & focused on everyday activities!" - Ragda

  • Reem

    "During qurantine ive gained a solid 10 pounds lol. On a short person that SHOWS. I tried everything from chloe ting to getting trained by friends/family. I tried different diets and i could never COMMIT to anything!! I began anissa fitness this month and i did it because a friend of mine had been trying to get me on it. I love love love it sooooo much. I fell in love on day 2. I can wear WHATEVER i want and feel COMFORTABLE. The trainers are soooo knowledgeable and even though its through zoom they make sure my form is good and help me and all the other women through it. I also love it because i dont havw to put on shoes. For me getting dressed is half the battle for working out! So this took that away! I also love how the yoga helps take care of the muscles that are sore after the more intense workouts. So its easy to rotate between intense day and relaxing day!"

  • Hoda

    "AWF has provided me with such an amazing opportunity to workout from the comfort of my own home especially during a time like quarantine. I’ve never worked out as consistently as I have with AWF and that is all thanks to the AMAZING environment they have created for women to support other women. It truly is "for women by women", you're comfortable working out with others virtually and can connect with everyone participating in the challenge with you! Whichever workout I decide to do that day I know I’m going to have a fun time and get a great sweat out of it. The instructors push you but also It’s also been extremely easy to fit in workouts in my schedule, whether it’s HIIT early in the morning before work or kickboxing/yoga after a long day, there's always a workout happening!"

  • Fatima & Abou

    "I’m so happy to have found Anissa Women’s Fitness in quarantine because it’s become such a wonderful addition to my days. I love the diverse workouts they’ve grown to include, and the amazing instructors that are not only so knowledgeable in their domain, but also incredibly motivating and positive. It’s difficult to find something like AWF, where you can work from the comfort of your own home and also push yourself every day to do a bit more-whether that’s one more squat, holding a plank for a little while longer, or mastering an uppercut punch. I love the uplifting community it has fostered of women supporting other women and I’m always excited to see my workout friends after a long day!"- Fatima

    ""I have not exercised in years, so I was really excited with the opportunity to do Anissa’s Challenges in the comfort of my own home! Not only do I feel great and more in shape, but the energy of the trainers make it an even better experience. I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I’m excited for this month’s challenge. It’s a great combination of women empowerment and health; what more could you want?"- Abou

  • Amira

    "AWF has been such a blessing for me! As a college student who has been at home due to the pandemic , this has provided an opportunity for me to finally start working out consistently. Even when I was living near campus and had access to the school gym, I still was not able to go and workout consistently due to lack of motivation and discomfort when I’m there. AWF’s only women environment has allowed me to work out in the comfort of my own home comfortably. Everyone on staff is nothing but kind, supportive and want to see everyone succeed and push themselves. I feel like I’m not missing anything through this virtual experience, if anything I’ve gaining more"

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